Wednesday, August 7, 2013

MCA Motorclub of America Scam - to be or not to be

MCA Motorclub of America Scam - to be or not to be

If your reading this post its because you are smart enough to be skeptical about program hype and not just jump into the next best thing. GOOD JOB!!! No, seriously I mean that. Too many people are unwilling to do the proper research, which is why so many end up in worst positions than before they even started. As soon as I heard about MCA I was like, yeah that sounds good, but then I started seeing people flashing money everywhere which is what actually made me lose interest. I figured that seeing tons of people on video sites flashing money was definitely not something I wanted to be a part of. Anyways... I decided to visit Google and searched to see what I could find about the MCA Motor Club of America Scam.  As I figured, the majority of people marketing the service mentioned nothing about the benefits, but instead were just showing off their earnings and claiming that they will help people as a reason to join. This resulted in many people joining with sponsors whom had no intention on helping them whatsoever, so once the money was made they basically disappear. Not only did this cause people to get upset, but it created a downward spiral of the company image by everyone whom could not duplicate the results feeling as if it was a scam and didn't work. What's amazing is that hundreds of videos pop up when you type the word scam in and almost every single one of them is nothing more than a tactic to get you to their page where they again... flash money... and tell you it's not a scam. (The irony, considering that's how you found my page... right?) This led me to wonder if there was a serious product at all or was it another one of those get rich quick schemes where you make all your money by just referring others and selling them a dream. But I wasn't sastisfied, so... I went even deeper in my research to know about this so called of  MCA Motor Club of America Scam.mca_logo

Is there really a MCA Scam (Motor Club Of America) at all?

As most people do, I checked the Better Business Bureau for complaints, and I found that the Motor Club Of America Scam was in fact not a scam at all. In fact, MCA had a B rating, which in my eyes is good because it shows authenticity rather than a FAKE A+ rating that was PURCHASED. (Trust me, the BBB is a scam in itself) Anyways, i was glad to find that they at least existed and were real. Next step was to contact TVC-Matrix, parent company of the MCA Motor Club Of America to verify that the proclaimed services for such things as $150,000 in benefits, including a $150.00 per day hospitalization benefit up to a full year, 24/7 unlimited roadside assistance, etc. etc.. They verified each and every service that they offer which was another good sign. Lastly, was to find some of the contracted service providers to see if they actually dispatched trucks to help people that were stranded, etc. And you can guess what happened there. Again i was answered to my content in which I grand you the verdict that:

THERE IS NO MCA Motor Club Of America Scam !!!

 MCA Scam Motor Club Of America : So is it true or false that they pay out thousands of dollars?

Basically, MCA Motor Club Of America offers a premiere membership package that includes: roadside assistance, discounts on dental, vision, and prescriptions, stolen car rewards, lawyer assistance w/ traffic tickets and a variety of other benefits. The membership benefits will cost you $39.90 to get started, and $19.95 a month thereafeter, which is much cheaper than its top competitor AAA. The part where people are making money with MCA is due to them paying members $80 for each and every person that they refer whom also becomes a member. They also offer residual income for sales of those associates you referred. This means that if you get 5 people to sign up this week, you’d make a little over $400 + bonuses, paid to you the following Friday.

  So how do you get paid From Motor Club Of America ??

You simply tell people about the benefits and if you can peak their interest enough for them to want to join, you have them join through your referral link, which will feature a username of your choosing upon signup. For example, When you refer someone to the services and benefits with your link  and they pay $40 you get $80 commission.(for selling the services)
Motor Cub Of America Send An Email Everytime you make a sale

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