Friday, July 24, 2015

Rodney Walker is a registered sex offender, but that means nothing for you.

All around the globe people are mentioning the fact that Rodney Walker is a registered sex offender in Florida, and I have researched and found that this information is both searchable and provable on the net.

HOWEVER.... What one person does is in no affiliation with the company other than promoting that product. your neighbor could help you sell cars, and turn out to be a serial killer, but that doesn't mean your a bad person because you let him sell one of your cars.

Stop looking for excuses and look at the Motor Club of America MCA for what it is people.

The end.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Want to Start a Motor Club of America (MCA) Career?

So you want to start a career with Motor Club of America (MCA)

All over the world you are hearing about people rushing to join the Motor Club of America, and though you might not know the reason... here's why!

MCA offers individuals the privilege of selling their services once they have officially signed up for a service plan of their own. Whether you join under the Total Security protection plan or the Total Security Platinum protection plan, you will still be eligible to sell ALL the service plans that the company offers, including some not talked about due to being specifically for commerical truck drivers. To maximize your revenue, I encourage you to join under the $19.99 basic Total Security plan, in which you will initially pay your first and last month’s dues up front, followed by the 19.99 monthly. This activates your right to sell the services and you can begin earning commissions within seconds of joining.

How much can I get paid for marketing Motor Club of America?
The Motor Club of America will pay you $80.00 on the sale of a regular package or better and up to $90.00 per sale if you make hit milestones of sales during any pay period. You don't have to do anything special other than have people join from your website link which will be similar to my link below. "current" is my user name, so you would simply replace this with the username you chose when you first signed up! And yes, you can change your username at any time.           <--- example of Signup Link
So how hard is it to market or sell Motor Club of America to others?
That's the beauty of it! you do not have to SELL anything! You simply show others the top-of-the-line services and benefits that you are enjoying and mention how they can actually be getting paid to share the experience. Make sure they understand that they can have over $150k worth of personal protection for FREE just by referring 3 other people. Once they get that, hey.. it's a no-brainer!

Though some people feel like $80-$90 commissions are not a lot, trust me they can really add up fast! I have personally made several thousands of dollars simply telling people about the service, and not only that but I actually enjoy the benefits! I'd actually feel bad for not helping others to share this same feeling. I mean think about it... you have great service, it cost you virtually nothing, and you have great protection that pays YOU if you are in an accident. If someone can't understand how valuable that is, then there is nothing ANYONE can do for them. It's like having your own ATM machine with unlimited cash in it.

So when will Motor Club of America (MCA) pay me!?
The following friday! The pay period run from Sunday to Saturday, then you are paid via bank wire the following Friday. Your first payment will come as a check to verify your address, and then after that check is cashed, you will be able to accept all of your following payments via bank wire to receive them much quicker.

How soon can I get started with my MCA Motor Club of America Career!?
You can literally be in position to start generating income within 5 minutes.

Don't waste time, click here to start your career with MCA Motor Club of America today!