Friday, August 9, 2013

24/7 Doctor with Virtual House Call

Call the Doctor 24/7 with Virtual Housecall !!!

24/7 Doctor with Virtual House CallPreviously, the Platinum Discount WellCard did not exist so your wondering what it’s for. Well… tell me this? Have you been able to just pick up the phone and call your doctor or at least “A” doctor firsthand? I mean one that is not a friend or family, but one that is non-obligated to you in any way. I’m pretty sure you haven’t. Well what if you were to get extremely ill or perhaps be bitten by a poisonous spider or snake unknowingly and start having very odd side effects as a result and the absolute best thing you could do was to be seen by a doctor as quickly as possible. Now, you can’t just up and go to a hospital because you don’t feel like your in good enough condition to drive, and you figure emergency response would just take too long or charge you an outrageous bill. You weigh your options and think to yourself… you and your neighbor haven’t really been the best of friends due to you letting your dog defecate in his yard, or you were caught eying their spouse, or whatever the reason may be.
Under a circumstance like this or worse when there is absolutely nothing you can do, imagine being able to call a certified PROFESSIONAL DOCTOR directly and be able to do this at any time you wish, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Well.. with the MCA Total Security Platinum plan, you can do just that! Motor Club of America has now introduced the Platinum Discount WellCard which not only entitles you to 24/7 Doctor with Virtual House Call, in which once you are registered with the convenient telephone medical consultation service for a $35 annual fee, members enjoy direct access to top doctors by phone or online all day every day, including holidays, evenings, and weekends. Doctors give expert medical advice, diagnose problems at no charge, and prescribe medication when appropriate for a $35 fee.

Does anything else come with this MCA Platinum Discount WellCard?

YES! Yes it does! Actually, with the card, you also receive:
• Health Care AssistanceWe provide you with access to personalized attention from a patient advocate, there to help navigate medical bill questions and negotiations.
• Physicians NetworkAccess to pre-negotiated prices at over 410,000 physicians and 45,000 supplementary provider locations nationwide. With savings of up to 30% on general medical physicians and specialists.
• Surgical Specialist NetworkAccess to leading surgical specialists available to our members at pre-negotiated savings of up to 50%.
• Healthy LivingFine quality discounted diabetic supplies, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutritional supplements.
• Vision CareAccess to affordable vision health care at up to 50% off the retail price for lenses and frames and 20% for contact lenses.
• Dental DiscountsEnjoy savings of 20% to 40% on nearly all general dentists’ and specialists’ standard fees, with unlimited visits to more than 142,000 credentialed dentists nationwide.
• Hearing CareAccess to top hearing care with pre-negotiated savings, top technology, and comprehensive aftercare. • PHARMACY DISOUNTSAccess to top-quality prescription medications with up to 50% in savings.
• Lab Testing ServiceAccess to the nation’s top lab facilities with up to 50% in savings on testing that can be ordered online and then conveniently completed at a nearby top testing location.
• Imaging and MRIAccess to superior MRI and imaging facilities at pre-negotiated prices. Free Discount Card Program Provided by WellDyne.
mca total security platinum discount wellcard

Who Needs a Total Security Platinum Discount WellCard!?

Well let’s think about that more sufficiently. Are you or do you know anyone whom uses prescription drugs? Yes you do. So you don’t know anyone with an illness, asthma, dysfunction, or ANYTHING at all? Most of these prescriptions are monthly or bi-monthly, etc. By saving as much as 50% on this one bill alone (some people have countless prescriptions, in which you can virtually discount them all) it alone covers the cost of the program. this mean you are in fact making money from the card.
For example:
Your pharmaceutical drugs cost you $250.00 a month
Your platinum discount wellcard offers… let’s say 25% off collectively.
from that alone, you just saved $62.50, which is more than your membership cost. And guess what.. you are STILL covered with over $150,000.00 of protection with your MCA Total Security Platinum plan. Does it not make sense to get paid to save money on the things you have to buy anyway? You can literally save more with the Platinum Discount WellCard than your membership cost.

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