Wednesday, September 4, 2013

MCA - A Motor Club of America Review

MCA Motor Club of America Benefits

MCA or Motor Club of America offers so much to the individual who joins. This will be easy to sell to people because all drivers need the service and it covers far more than just driving benefits. Please review the information below to learn what MCA offers.

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Motor Club of America, also known as, MCA is very similar to AAA except the fact that it is much BETTER. This is an extremely fast growing company whom has been around for many years. They officially started back in 1926 as a private membership offered to select individuals (mainly truckers and small businesses I believe), but do to being bought out, is now being promoted to the max. MCA is a well trusted name that has over 9 MILLION members currently in the United States and Canada.

So I bet your wondering... "How or Why is MCA better than AAA?" Well they provide a serious myriad of services including:

24 Hour Emergency Service if YOU are involved in an accident at home, work or play, around the corner, in town or out of town or while riding or driving

$500 emergency room benefit

up to $54,750 for hospitalization - you receive $150 per day for up to 365 days
(this is paid in addition to your current insurance)

Discounts on Prescriptions, Vision and Dental Procedures

A Death Benefit - if you die your beneficiary or estate will receive a $10,000 accidental death benefit

Total Security members receive an additional $50,000 accidental death & dismemberment coverage

Global Travel Assistance Program - this program provides world wide emergency services when you are 100 miles away from home and if a medical emergency arises

Emergency Roadside Service or Reimbursement - 24/7

Receive up to $500 for Travel Reimbursement if more than 50 miles away from Home

Trip Planning and Reservations with Discounts for Air Travel and Vacation Packages

Receive up to $25,000 Bail Bond to release you if charged with a moving vehicle violation

Provides up to a $500 Arrest Bond Certificate

Receive up to $3,000 for Attorney Fees

You also have a $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward and a $500 Reward if someone has stolen your Livestock, Tack or Farm Equipment

Receive up to $1,000 in Credit Card Protection

In total we offer over $150,000 in Benefits and Protection and that is TRUE VALUE ADDED.

It's Practical, Comprehensive and Affordable - at just $19.95 per month which is just under 67 cents per day!

So if you are inquiring on why you should join MCA when you already have AAA?... then here's your answer! Motor Club of America (MCA) will tow up to 100 miles to your destination of choice, and even allows unlimited usage and will provide reimbursement up to $100 for service.

MCA also offer Small Business Ownership Opportunities where you can begin EARNING MULTIPLE STREAMS of INCOME by building WEALTH TODAY.

You qualify for small business tax breaks, personal commissions, instant residual income, monthly renewal income, Pro-Driver and Small Business Club of America Plans, market as an employee benefit to small businesses, and all marketing and training materials, get your own personalized website, and there are no employees, no territory and no inventory.

Now for the AMAZING PART - when you sign up someone for two months at $39.90 (that's $19.95 per month) you get paid at a whopping 200 percent advance commission and you WILL GET PAID $80.00. You heard that right - when someone pays almost $40 for their membership YOU COLLECT a PAYMENT of $80.00! 

As you sell more applications per week your commission will also grow. If, for instance, you sell 10 applications per week you'll earn $84 per sale and that equals to $840 per week (based on selling two applications per day) or for 4 weeks in a month earning an amazing $3,360. That is over $40,000 in yearly commissions paid directly to you.

As you build your team you will receive team builder bonuses as well. For instance, if you partner up with 5 other people and then they go out and sell the plan you will earn $6 on each one of their sold plans. So you can see how the residual income will benefit you each month.

You can work this part time, full time or whatever suits your needs. So get in now while it's fresh and hot and bursting with opportunity. This is INCOME for TODAY and WEALTH for TOMORROW.


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